My Executive: Dan Chassin



There are so many fundraising companies. Why Gold Canyon?

At Gold Canyon, we believe in giving back. By choosing Gold Canyon Candles for your Fundraiser, you’ve selected a simple yet highly profitable Fundraiser for your organization. It's an exciting product and easy program that will give your supporters A Happy Fragrance Experience™ while giving you a happy selling experience!

How much will our organization earn?

The amount your organization raises is entirely up to you, but Gold Canyon has taken great strides to make sure you earn serious "scents". Our program is set up for you to see a generous gross profit of 40% from the price of each candle sold!

Is there a minimum requirement to submit a Fundraiser order?

Yes, the order needs to be $400 retail in order to qualify as a Fundraiser order—that's less than 20 candles!

How long should our fundraiser last?

The length of the Fundraiser is up to you. The average selling period for a successful Fundraiser is 2-3 weeks. Gold Canyon recommends staying within this timeframe for it to be the most effective.

Will our supporters like the fragrances you are providing us?

Certainly! We have hand-chosen our customers' favorites and best-selling fragrances for your supporters. With a wide array of succulent fruits, blooming florals and warm spices to choose from, the selection of aromas will appeal to every supporter of your organization!

Are your product selections simple for our sellers?

Absolutely! Your sellers will offer one candle size that’s available in 15 fragrances and colors.

What is the schedule if our organization has another Fundraiser?

There are two Fundraiser seasons per year that support your organization. Effective dates for the two seasons are Spring/Summer from February 1 through July 31 and Fall/Winter from July 1 through December 31.

How do we begin selling "The World’s Finest"®?

Just contact your Executive to get more information about Gold Canyon Fundraisers. Don't have a Executive? You can find one online with your zip code. Your Executive will help you determine your goals and provide you with the selling tools you'll need to make your Fundraiser a profitable success!